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It is important to choose the right product to complement your skin treatments and support both the surface of your skin and inner nutritional health. Avoiding harmful substances such as irritants and allergens and selecting the appropriate skincare substances to specific skin problems will produce the best skin healing results. This also includes nutritional support to heal the gut and reflect inner health on the surface of your skin. I recommend the following healing, vegan, high grade, pure, active ingredient products for your best skin. None of these are tested on animals.

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skin care

Maintain & Restore Skin Health

An advanced, pure dermatological skin care range, to repair the skins barrier, reduce moisture loss and improve skin health. DMS (dermal membrane structure) formulation found in all base creams, eye cream and masks, works like the skins natural sebum and protects the surface of the skin from external environmental aggravators.
Cruelty free, vegan and fragrance free, dermaviduals does not contain any of the 'nasties' found in many other ranges. Bespoke blending of pure oils and actives (liposomes and bio-nanoparticles) into creams, serum blends and gels results in personal skin solutions to treat and correct various skin conditions.
make up

deco Mineral Makeup

Customised mineral foundation which goes beyond skin care.
Bespoke foundation with high-quality skin caring substances (jojoba oil, squalane, castor oil) and pigments, customised to suit your exact skin tone. Easily spreading foundation, supporting the regeneration of the skin without leaving oil shine.

ECO by Sonja Driver

Certified Organic body skincare specifically formulated to restore the skins moisture balance by soothing and deeply nourishing the skin, providing calming relief and improving skin elasticity.
Vegan,  Natural, Toxic free, Cruelty free and Australian made & owned. Your skin on your body, hands and feet will feel and look radiant.
lashes & brows

Elleebana Advanced Lash Lift and Aftercare

Elleevate Lash Lift Mascara by Elleebana has been designed as an everyday mascara that can be worn on lashes with or without a lash lift. Contains naturally occurring Keratin complex, Essential Amino Acids, Arginine and Biotin for super conditioning and strengthening.
Advanced Elleeplex gel formula is the perfect daily treatment to maintain optimum lash lift & tint results and lash health. Apply on the lashes and eyebrows to thicken and improve the hair condition under mascara during the day and cleansed hair at night for deeper nourishment.
superfoods to nourish the skin


Bestow offers a beautiful range of organic super-food blends, recipes and rituals to nourish skin from within. 'Because what you put on your skin is only half the story'. The skin needs a wide range of nutrients in order to thrive, heal and resist premature ageing. Dull, lifeless, inflamed or spotty skins are indications that your body is not getting enough of the nutrients it needs for health, or that food sensitivities are actively working against a clear, glowing complexion.
Bestow has an holistic approach to skin health and offers a natural range of organic super-food blends which moisturise, nourish, purify and protect skin from within.

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